About Fayat Group

  • – Together with MATHIEUfrom France,SCARAB from the United Kingdom, & RAVO from the Netherlands, subsidiaries of the Fayat Group, part of a business unit called Fayat Environmental Solutions, operating in 170 countries thanks to the dedication of its 22,791 employees
  • – With over 150 years of combined experience, a global network and proven technologies, they offer a full product range of street sweepers in the sub-compact, compact, compact mid-size and truck-mounted sectors.
  • – This makes Fayat Environmental Solutions one of the largest players in the street sweeping industry. In addition to its focus on being the leader in innovative sweeping, it also reinforces its products sustainability policy.
  • – Fayat Environmental Solutions cares for a clean future, by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers all over the world.


M6 is a truck-mounted, heavy-duty road sweeper capable of delivering...

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